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Terms and Conditions for use

If you use the services and products offered by the site alexsisfaye.com you agree with the terms and conditions below.

Alexsis Faye


a. This site is generically named SITE. Accessing this site or any part of it presumes your implied agreement with the following terms. The use agreement produces its effects between you alexsisfaye.com. Your acceptance is considered tacit and without reserves.

b. alexsisfaye.com may change the contents of the site at any moment, make modifications in structure, content and accessibility, may suspend the provision of information on the site, without a prior agreement and without any notification to you or to third parties.

c. By continuing to use the site, you are assumed to give your implied agreement and full adherence to the Terms and conditions presented hereinafter. The use of the site implies the acceptance of the rules of alexsisfaye.com.

d. alexsisfaye.com may change, suspend or interrupt the site, at any moment, without prior notice. alexsisfaye.com may limit the access to the site or to certain parts of the site. Also, alexsisfaye.com may limit the access to certain facilities/ frames in the site, bring access limitations to certain IP’s without any prior notification and without any liability.


a. The content of the site is intended for personal use, without a direct or indirect commercial purpose. All the materials published (including, but without being limited to, articles, information, photos, data, audio/ video clips – generically called content) are protected by the legal dispositions incident in the country of the owner of alexsisfaye.com, namely: Law no. 8/1996, with its subsequent modifications and completions – regarding copyrights and related rights, Law no. 84/1998 – regarding geographic marks and indications and Law no. 129/1992, republished –regarding industrial drawings and patterns. The lack of mentions regarding certain legal texts or incident dispositions does not lead to their inapplicability.

b. The site and its Content are protected by the Copyright law in force in the country of the owner of alexsisfaye.com, as well as by the dispositions regarding copyright at a worldwide level. You are not allowed to reproduce, store, modify or transfer the site and/or the Content, entirely or partially, under any title. Its exploitation is free, subject to non-trading and observance of the terms required by alexsisfaye.com.

c. Any form of reproduction, storage, modification and/ or transmission of the Content is expressly forbidden, without the prior written agreement of alexsisfaye.com.

d. alexsisfaye.com is not liable for any eventual existing prejudices, litigations, originating or arising in relation with/ from the total or partial reproduction, storage, modification or transfer of the Content in any environment.

e. Should you consider that any material published on this site by the technical team or by any other person breach the copyrights or any other rights, please inform us by sending a message to one of the addresses published in the Contact section of the site.


a. All rights reserved. The users may download and print content from this site only for personal or non-commercial.

b. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, distribute, publish, display, modify, create components or products or complete derived services, as well as to use any way of exploiting the content of the site alexsisfaye.com, except for its display on the monitor of a personal computer and the printing or downloading, with personal and non-commercial purposes, of certain documents or information explicitly designated in this purpose, provided for maintaining unaltered all the elements that make reference to the intellectual property rights, other property rights and the conditions of use of the respective documents or information.

c. Any information takeover by other web sites can only be made in agreement with the terms agreed by alexsisfaye.com It is mandatory, in such cases, to quote the information source. The source alexsisfaye.com will be quoted, with the link to the site. The offline media are also subject to the terms agreed by alexsisfaye.com and in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright law in force in the country of the owner alexsisfaye.com.

d. The logo alexsisfaye.com and the name alexsisfaye.com are the property of alexsisfaye.com. It is forbidden to use any of them without the written consent of alexsisfaye.com.


a. You are exclusively liable towards third parties as well as towards alexsisfaye.com in relation with the access to/ the use/ exploitation of the Content. alexsisfaye.com reserves the right to modify, delete any message posted on the site, construed at the discretion of alexsisfaye.com as being abusive, calumnious, obscene or likely to reflect on a protected legal right.

b. The use of the site represents your statement and agreement with the publication by alexsisfaye.com of a Content, established based on private criteria, Content which may be construed as being published, presented such as not to be conform with your wishes. In such a case, alexsisfaye.com assumes no responsibility.


a. The transmission of information to alexsisfaye.com means you provide certain materials, including, but without being limited to, articles, information, photos, data, audio/ video clips.

b. The transmission of information to alexsisfaye.com equals to your consent granted to alexsisfaye.com and partner sites (collectively classified as alexsisfaye.com) as free of any obligation regarding the payment of any fee and/ or remuneration, non-exclusively and for a period of 50 years, to use, reproduce, publish, distribute this information in any way and under any title, in any existing or subsequently discovered media.

c. Also, the transmission of information to alexsisfaye.com, implies your agreement regarding the compensation of alexsisfaye.com and/ or third parties following the existence/ appearance of any prejudices of any nature from the use, reproduction, publication or distribution of the respective information. alexsisfaye.com accepts no limited liability from the provider of such information.

d. alexsisfaye.com assumes no responsibility for the materials posted on this site by other persons than those having signed a contract. We dissociate ourselves from any message having a racist, xenophobe, anti-Semite, calumnious, insulting, denigrating character, published by users on the site, in the comment section.


a. The access to the online content of alexsisfaye.com is free for certain sections and with a fee for other sections.

b. For the option "Login / Register”, the user will be requested his/ her contact information. The registration form (forms) will contain the user’s detailed contact information (user name, e-mail address).


The site alexsisfaye.com uses cookies. The cookies represent data stored on the user’s hard disk, containing information about the user. The use of the cookie type mechanism represents an advantage in the visitors’ benefit. For example, by introducing a cookie on the site alexsisfaye.com, it will be sufficient for the user to log in to the site only once with his/ her password, thus gaining time during his/ her navigation on our page. If the user rejects a cookie, he/ she can continue using the site alexsisfaye.com. The cookies also help us in following-up and segmenting our users’ interests, in order to enhance the experience of visiting our site. Some of our business partners use cookies on our site (for example, those who want to promote their business). Nevertheless, we don’t have access to and we cannot control these cookies.


The users have the possibility to unsubscribe if they don’t want to receive a newsletter from alexsisfaye.com any linger, through the unsubscribing link included in the e-mail. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter online, by sending the unsubscribing request through the feedback form, accessible on the site after log in.


alexsisfaye.com adopts all the security measures to protect the personal information of its users. When filling in the data in the registration form on our site, the user’s information will be protected both offline and online. The subscription forms for the newsletter of alexsisfaye.com requires the introduction of certain personal information (for example, the e-mail address), that will be protected. All the information about the users is confidential. Only the employees whose specific activity involves working with personal information (e.g. customer service representatives) have access to the users’ identification data. The servers containing the users’ identification personal information are localized in a secured place.


a. The content of this site, including news, data and other information, is provided by alexsisfaye.com and by its content providers. This site provides audio/ video content.

b. alexsisfaye.com doesn’t require its customers to provide personal information through a correspondence which was not requested by them. Any type of correspondence that offers any unrequested message or requires the disclosure of personal information must be considered fake and reported to alexsisfaye.com through the feedback form accessible online, after log in.

c. Every user of the SITE agrees, upon the request of alexsisfaye.com, to hold alexsisfaye.com harmless against any judiciary or extra-judiciary actions, and to cover any trial fees and any other costs that may appear following the user’s breach of the clauses under this document.

The physical or legal persons in breach of the provisions of this document will be subject to the provisions of the legislation in force in the country of the owner of alexsisfaye.com.

d. alexsisfaye.com reserves the right to modify and update these conditions in any moment. The modifications become effective as of their publication on the site.

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