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Worship my sweaty body

I am wearing a shirt and a sweater and full back panties. I am your teacher and you are the only one that showed up in class that night. I am sitting at my desk in front of you and i am reading a book. I get very hot and start to take my clothes off and as i do that i catch you staring at my boobs. We make a deal and in return for getting a good grade you have to worship my sweaty boobs, ass and armpits and make you lick it. After telling you that i haven't showered that day i get my ass in your face and tell you to sniff my nasty butt hole. Then you feel my natural scent from my armipits and suck on your cock while i collect the spit in a glass for later so i can drip it on my boobies and let it run in your mouth while you are under me. Then i squat on your face and suck your cock again while i tell you to cum on my boobies.

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