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Golddigger mother-in-law titsfuck

Custom video I play a mother in-law and my daughter has a very rich boyfriend. The boyfriend now wants to break up with my daughter and i visit him so he changes his mind and stays soi can continue living my rich lifestyle. But he doesn't want to stay and says that my daughter is bad at sex and as he is a sexmonster who could last with every women for more than an hour. So i challenge him, that if he can last more than 5 minutes while i titfuck him he can go and will never hear from me again, but if he cums he has to stay. He at first doesn't want to take the bet, but once i flash my tits at him he is mesmerized and doesn't want to miss out. Before i start i give him a glass. i titfuck him really good and after a while i tell him that in the glass was something extra, that if he cums, ki lls him, so i get all his money. He cums and d ie s just before the 5 minute mark and i celebrate that i am now very rich (tit shaking etc.) During the titfuck i u tease him by asking if he is close and that he was not prepared for me and doesn't stand a chance. Squirting dildo included

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