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Goddess Boobs custom

“Goddess Boobs” [Fully nude. Wear mascara & light red color lipstick, but no eye shadow. Hair tied up in bun. Seq. 2 is the only sequence w/ background music. Seq. 1 & 3-14 have NO background music / radio (hearing only your voice & body movement). Please edit video in sequence order 1-14, of course.] [Seq. 1: Camera: Boob height. Frame: (Begins) full body, 20-30cm above head to 20-30cm below feet. ~2 min.] [Use relatively long lengthwise area (perhaps living room?, w/ adequate lighting) to allow full body frame description above and a 'runway' for strut walk / skip / jog forward-&-back.] 1. For each section below, stand far back, perfectly centered, facing straight on, then approach camera (strut, skip, or jog, as described below) until boobs are closeup in frame (shoulders to navel), stand still 3 seconds, swiftly rotate 180° in place (turn around to show backside), then return to original far back position (strut, skip, or jog as before), swiftly rotate 180° in place (turn around facing straight on again): A. Deep eye gaze, slyly smile, arms loosely down at sides, STRUT walk forward-&-back moderate speed (like a runway model, sassy left-right shoulder & hip movement, slightest bounce at ankle w/ each step), 2 times. It's like a blend of the Sassy walk: https://youtu.be/YHulvsjYhos & the "Happy" walk (timestamp), but arms loosely down: https://youtu.be/17fhQ5WY-Pc?t=46 B. Same strut walking forward-&-back as A., but hands on hips, again 2 times. C. Playful smile, arms loosely down at sides, SKIP forward-&-back moderate speed, again 2 times. D. Same skipping forward-&-back as C., but hands on hips, again 2 times. E. Playful smile, arms naturally pump at sides, JOG forward-&-back moderate speed (not too fast), again 2 times. F. Same jogging forward-&-back as E., but hands on hips, again 2 times. Lastly, arms loosely at sides, graceful walk forward, jiggle boobs side-to-side 3 seconds, bend down, smile into camera, say majestically, “I am the Goddess, dear beloved one”, give sweet kiss. [Seq. 2: Camera: Boob height. Frame: (Begins) barely above head to barely below genitals. 4 min.] 2. Dance & move to “Hung Up” by Madonna, here: https://youtu.be/20OGm_-RebE A. [Song begins. Black fade in.] Stand still, eyes closed until C., hands prayer position over heart. B. [0:15 Third “time” lyric] Slowly make graceful flowing hand / arm gestures & body movement. C. [0:30 “So slowly” lyric stops] Slowly open eyes, smile serenely, arms gracefully lower to sides, arms and hips gently sway / dance side-to-side to rhythm. D. [0:46 Beat drops] Synchronized to the rhythm, artistically alternate these actions w/ subtle to moderately intense movement (but NOT extreme or painful): Freely & actively dance, Swing boobs side-to-side, Bounce boobs up-&-down, try a few shake / bounce styles like both knees at once & shifting between knees left-right..., w/ simultaneous partial-spins (never turn fully around), and you may raise arms at times (but kept in frame, never vertically above head). I'd like all these movements to look & feel natural / fun for you (and transcendent for me!). E. [1:16 Verse] (Timestamp reference.) Continue w/ head, upper body, hips in frame. F. [1:47 Chorus] (Timestamp reference.) ... G. [2:18 Verse] Continue, but gradually approach camera until boobs in frame (shoulders to navel). H. [2:33 Bridge] (Timestamp reference.) Continue w/ boobs / chest in frame. I. [3:04 Chorus] (Timestamp reference.) … J. [3:34 Outro] Continue, but gradually step back to original head, upper body, hips in frame. K. [3:55-4:00 Fade to black]. [Seq. 3-6: Camera: Boob height. Frame: Barely above head / hair to barely below navel. 12+ min.] [All standing position, but freely alternate between hands on hips & arms loosely down at sides. Please freely alternate between giving deep eye gazes and playful smiles. FYI, the sequences now often begin with saying a phrase once, followed by movement.] 3. For each angle below, swing boobs side-to-side hypnotically, starting slow / subtle & gradually speed up to moderately fast (NOT extremely fast / painful swinging): Say warmly, “I am your Boobie Goddess, little guy.” A. Facing straight on, 1 minute. B. Facing 45° left (diagonal), 45 seconds. C. Facing 45° right (opposite diagonal), 45 seconds. D. Facing 90° right (sideboob visible, arms back), 30 seconds. E. Facing 90° left (opposite sideboob visible, arms back), 30 seconds. 4. For each angle below, shake boobs side-to-side for ~2 seconds then stop so boobs naturally sway & settle until almost still; repeating this shake-then-stop many times, but starting w/ gradually increase to moderately aggressive (NOT extremely aggressive / painful shakes): Say playfully, “Awww, you like when I shake my Boobs, Honey?” A. Facing straight on, 1 minute. B. Facing 45° left (diagonal), 45 seconds. C. Facing 45° right (opposite diagonal), 45 seconds. D. Facing 90° right (sideboob visible, arms back), 30 seconds.

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