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Giantess finds tiny creature while oilining her body

custom: I'm a very tiny human hiding on the floor of your room (the camera is on the floor looking up). You enter the room fully dressed and start undressing, getting ready for the night. Fully naked, you start oiling your boobs for a few minutes (for that the camera/phone is on the floor facing the ceiling between your feet, so it looks that I’m standing between your feet looking up to the downside of your boobs). After a few minutes you look down to your feet and you notice me, you bend over to have a closer look at me. When you notice I’m a living creature that can talk, you scare and put on a bathrobe. You take me closer and put me on a table or desk and when I tell you that I never saw a woman before, you decide to show me what a real woman looks like. You take down the bathrobe and start walking slowly to show me your body. You slowly start playing and squeezing your boobs to show me how nice and soft they are and you start sucking your nipples (if possible also with some close-ups). After it’s time to show me the rest of your body, ending by laying down on the bed to show me your pussy (if possible again with some close-ups). To end, you also decide to show me some sexy outfits (tank tops with nice cleavage, corsets, …).

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