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The redhead-next-door with a rack on scoreland

Posted by Alexsis Faye on 13/08/2017 in News

For those who didn't find out yet, now I am officially a Scoreland girl! I did my first photoshoot in June and now it's out! I was very excited about it and it was haaaaard to keep such a big secret! I had the chance to meet some amazing people and it was a piece of cake to do this job with them! But that doesn't mean I wasn't nervous! You can see that in the interview and not in the one I'm playing with my boobs... I guess I am more confortable when I m showing my pussy! Hehe! We talked about how I started in the adult business, hobbies and food, travelling, what I like when it comes to be alone with a man in the bed, my fantasies and the naughtiest things I have ever did. The first set was fun, I shaked, dangled, bounced and jiggled my boobs and I was very talkative and wanted to tell you how many things I would have done to you.
If you enjoyed this picture and you are curious to see more please use this link to join and help me out too! Thank you! And keep an eye on, more sets to come!


CanĀ“t wait to see more. The first ones were promising.
Hi so sexy
Alexsis Faye
Thank youu!

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