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The library

Posted by Alexsis Faye on 13/03/2018 in News

I wear a green dress that stops 6 inches above the knee and underneath a white lace thong and bra set. In my downtime I like to escape in between the words of either a good song or book. Today my choice was book. While I could have easily taking out my phone and with a few taps on my screen been inside a book in no time, today i wanted to feel a nice solid hard copy in my hands.

The library was populated with librarians, a mom and child, and an old lady who looked like she was here to teach arts and crafts. I proceeded to leisurely make my way up and down the aisles of interest stopping from time to time to read the back cover of random books. I happen to bend over to reach for a book on the lowest shelf exposing the bottom of my buttocks to the world. I figure that it was an innocent move as there really was no one in the library let alone in this section. I continue in this position for longer than I had intended as the book I originally reached for had lead way to another 2 or possibly 3 selections of worth. I am collecting the third book and about to return up right when I hear a cough from directly behind me. I spring up and do a 360 degree turn to find a young guy wearing a form fitting tee shirt with the name and logo of the local university and a pair of skinny jeans. I can feel the color of my cheeks change from pale to amber. Before I can open my mouth to speak and end the deafening awkward silence, he says “I just need to get a few books.” He begins his stride down the book aisle which was clearly designed to be accessed by one person at a time in a single file line. As he walks forward I keep my eyes fixated on him. Looking directly into his eyes searching for the answers to my questions of “How long had he been watching me? And did he like what he saw?” Gazing into his eyes has left no time move out of the way of his advancements only time to decide which of our body parts would soon be making contact. Breast to pecs and penis to vagina or back to pecs and butt to penis? What was only a few brief seconds seem to happen in slow motion. First the warm scent of his body spray fills my nose followed by the physical connection of his hands firmly gripping my biceps holding me in place while he moves the remainder of his torso fully behind me. I feel his toned pecs and abs muscles press against my shoulders and lower back respectively. Lastly I feel the answer to my prior questions. Apparently he watched and enjoyed me long enough for the results to solidify into a significant increase to the front of his trousers. For those few milliseconds where our bodies were in complete alignment with one another. I felt the bulge in his pants rest in between my butt cheeks. The totality with which I was currently consuming his presence trigger what seemed to be a natural reflex as I without hesitation threw the entirety of my buttock back onto his manhood. Then as quickly as it started it was over. We were now on opposite sides of each other free to go about our own way. He pulls out the chair directly across from me and as he’s sitting down I look up give a half smile while mouthing the word “Hi”. He does the same. I resume reading by placing the book in front of my face with elbows and breast resting on the table. After a few pages I get the feeling that I am being watched. I slowly pull the book down just enough to catch him staring. He quickly diverts his gaze and pretends to be writing in his note book. I change my reading position by placing the book flat on the table and leaning forward which causes my breast to start spilling over my dress. The combination of my low cut dress top and (a 85k bra) push up bra help to accentuate my already above average breast size and create what seems like an endless valley of cleavage. If he’s a breast man I know there is nothing more he would like than to have his manhood venture into that valley in search of a pearl necklace. I take my index finger bring it to my mouth and extend my tongue to the tip where I let my saliva build up to the point that a drop falls into my cleavage. I drag my wet finger down my neck and straight down the line between my breast, where I briefly pull the front of my dress down far enough for him to be able to distinguish the color of my bra. Finally my finger makes it to the book to turn the page. I notice the sound of his pen touching paper has stopped and I look up to catch him staring again. As if shocked by my findings I quickly pick the book up, lean back in the chair, put a forearm under my breast, and place the book back in front of my face. With my forearm I give my breast a good jiggle about every third page I read. At this point I have no further need to continuously check to see if I am the focal point of his attention and therefore proceed with teasing him. I move my foot off its resting place on the back of my ankle in order to rearrange them at a distance apart suitable for someone to enter between my thighs. I begin tapping the platform portion of my stiletto heels on the floor. I hear his pen drop and his clothes rustling as he leans over to pick it up. While he’s picking up his pen I take the book from in front of my face and stare at the back of his chair waiting for him to come up. He returns up right with a huge grin on his face. I am stone faced….I place my book on the table, stand up, grab one of the other two books, and begin making my way to the book aisle. I ensure with each step I sway my hips so hard that my butt cheeks jiggle like jello. When I am in the aisle and out of his sight, I find a spot where I can see him. I take one hand place it under my dress and on top on my thong. I massage my pussy while watching him work. I tell myself “If just seeing the a little bit of butt got him hard, he has to be ready to explode after all that teasing.” I put the book down and massage my breast to get my nipples hard. The moisture of my thong reflects my desires. I shimmy out of my thong, pick it up, and conceal it in my hand. Along the way back to my seat I slightly bump his chair and drop the thong by his side. I return to my same seating position, laid back, legs spread, heel tapping, but this time no book. I just sat their staring at him. Waiting for him to stop pretending to be busy. It didn’t take long as he glanced down to see the thong beside him and once again did a fairly lengthy pick up process. This time when he returned upright his face was filled with focus and intensity. I, on the other hand had a seductive grin on my face. I stood up and proceeded to make my way back to the aisle and without even looking back made the “come here” gesture. When he turned the corner I still had a grin on my face and said “I believe you have something that belongs to me.” I reached my hand out for him to place my thong in it and as he was releasing the thong I moved my hand and let it hit the floor. “Oops” I said, “You don’t mind picking that up for me, do you?” He bends down to pick it up all the while I’m towering over him providing a clear line of sight up my dress to my exposed pussy. In one hand he has the thong and the other is traversing its way up my leg. His hand is now gripping one of my buttock. I have lifted my dress over his head and he plunges his tongue into my parted outer lips and begins licking. I can tell the extent of his knowledge on the subject stems from porn as tongue is moving in all the wrong places. To compensate for his inexperience I rock my hips back and forth to control the spot I want stimulated. To increase the pressure of his tongue I force his face into my pussy only pulling it back to allow him to catch his breath before I replace it back on my pussy. It feels amazing riding face. The feeling of the his tongue embracing my pussy is elevated by the fact that at anytime we could be caught in the act. I now move my hips up and down so he licks me from the bottom of my pussy to the clitoris. I make sure to force his head as deep and long as he can possibly stand every time his tongue graces the area of my clitoris. “Yes, eat that pussy, eat it like you mean it.” I increase the speed with which I am gyrating my hips and hold on to the sides of his head as he brings me to climax and I squirt in his mouth. I kiss his neck while I unbuckle his pants and reach inside. I gasp at the fact that his penis’ sheer girth prevents the tips of my fingers from touching when wrapped around it. Its length is more than I’m use to, but I’m up for the challenge. I take my thong out of his hand, “Open your mouth”, I say and place my panties inside. I turn around, bend over, and flip my dress up. He inserts it slowly giving it time to get coated in the wetness of my vagina inch by inch. Throughout this process I say to myself “Oh My Gosh, does it ever end!!!” Finally his penis has managed to completely occupy the empty space within my vagina to the point that he’s stretching my side walls. I take a second to enjoy this feeling of being “full” before I begin throwing my ass all the way back to the base of his shaft in a back and forth motion. The feeling is exhilarating , I close my eyes and bite my lower lip to keep from moaning, but alas to no avail. The full back in forth cycle brings me to moaning softly. “I’m almost there but I need more”, I tell myself. I turn my head back towards him and find the ability to speak the words “Harder.”. He firmly grips my hips with his hands and proceeds to thrust. His thrust are in coordination with my movements and where are two bodies clash together causes my ass cheeks ripple like water. “Just like that, right there, oh my god, don’t stop.” His scrotum is hitting my clitoris with every thrust in a rhythmic fashion making my knees weak. “It’s good, it’s so f’ing good!!!” Realizing I can’t take much longer he thrust twice more and my body gives in. My nipples tingle, I squirt everything I have left on his penis, and my body shivers with ecstasy. He stops thrusting after he no longer feels me throwing it back on him. I sink to my knees,turn to face him, and look up smiling. Then I engulf his entire penis to the back of my throat and some with my mouth. I bob and weave my head on his dick, only stopping to give my jaws a break. I stroke his dick with my hand as I rotate my tongue on the tip in a counterclockwise motion. I alternate between these two methods all the while watching the reactions on his face. I take him to the back of my throat several times in a row in conjunction with massaging his balls with my hand. I take him out of my mouth and continuously stroke his penis. I mouth “Cum for baby, cum in my mouth.” As if those were the magic words he needed to hear in order to climax. I resume taking him to the back of my throat with balls in hand, when I see his eyes roll to the back of his head. I ensure his tip is down my throat as he releases his lustful desires straight into my mouth. I swallow, stand up, and lean forward. I whisper “Alexsis” into his ear and give him a kiss on the cheek. I make sure my dress is in order and walk away leaving him weak kneed with his dick out. I go retrieve my books off the table, check them out, and head home.


In the movie version of this I want to be the guy. Greatest Porno Ever Made!

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