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My first time.

Posted by Alexsis Faye on 09/06/2017 in News

That will be something I will not be able to forget. I was a highschool girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and who always dressed in pink. Him, i m gonna call him John, in that time i thought he was the most handsome guy I ever met, my prince charming. I was already imagining myself in a white dress and it seems the most natural to give myself to him. Not he only was my first love but he was the first man who kissed me. I was so nervous everytime we met and everyday he was getting closer and closer to me... From the first kiss I felt the butterflies in my stomach, and made me want more and more everyday. Every night I went to bed I was having him in my mind, craving for his lips to kiss me all over. That was something like I never felt, of such power and compeltely new, and my hand went straight in my panties, exploring the wetness that was down below.
After already 2 years of teasing ourselfs, in the middle of the summer he come at my window and throws stones to wake me up; in a see through small dress I opened the window and saw him trying to reach me... He kiss me so intense that I knew that the moment I was waiting for is comming. I felt his wet lips kissing my neck and with his strong arms he grabbed my waist pushing me close to him. My heart was jumping out and I was overwhelmed of the emotions. For the first time he got his hand under my dress and grabbed my breast; it fitted perfectly in his hand. Without using any words, took a step back and let him jump in my room. It wasn't only first time but I felt the danger of getting caught too. I layed on my back and let him come to me.
He knew it was my first time for me, so he had enough patience, and he did all to please me; he was very gentle. After a few kisses he took down my panties and spread my legs and went down on me while he looked in my eyes and whispered that he will make me love it. It was feeling like I am going to faint, i was trying not to scream of pleasure, our hands were together and his tongue all over my pussy. I wanted so bad to feel him inside me so I lifted him up and got him closer to me so I can kiss him and let him take me. I was so excited that first time it only felt like a spike and it got better and better, only a little painful in the beggining but i knew I m gonna like it. It felt like it lasted a few seconds, and maybe it did!
This was the first and more was coming. I wanted to feel that everyday.... so much pleasure and so electrified at every touch of his...


John, always John... I think I'll finally change my first name by John... ;-) Kisses Jane!

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