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My dream holiday

Posted by Alexsis Faye on 22/05/2018 in News

Found my happy place! Ibiza is definately the nicest place I have ever been and it's impossible to get bored there! If your soul is still young and you want to party this is definately the place you should go!
First things that comes in mind when you say Ibiza is definately  "nightlife" and the famous song from Mike Posner(wink) .

First trip I had was 2 years ago and stayed for a week. I choosed the hotel Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa cause it was close to the clubs and it did exceed my expectations. I loved this hotel very much, it was clean, nice pool area and the staff was the best! They were always friendly and took care of my glass that is never empty.  
So now let's start with the clubs! First one I saw was Ushuaia and I had the best time of my life! Everyday they feature some of the worlds biggest Djs. I couldn't stop dancing in such a wonderful spacious venue with amazing light shows and planes flying so close over your head. Crazy!
Another club that I got to see(not only one time:D)  last year was the recent opened Hi formerly known as Space. Again a night iI won't forget cause I got to see one of my favorites Djs - Don Diablo. The only thing that I didn't like it was that it ended too fast and it wasn't enough for me. At Hi, even going at the bathroom is fun cause they have only one both for girls and men and on top of that there is another Dj playin' right there!  
If you wanna enjoy a delicious meal and a cocktail while listening to a little more chill music while watching the sunset over the sea then the perfect place is at Cafe Mambo in Sant Antoni. Can not find another place with an atmosfere so relaxing  like that especially when you go at the sunset and listen here too one of the live djs shows. It might be a little crowded but it's worth it. 
It's already known that Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world but after 2 previous trips I found more than the nightlife adventures  that are not the only charm the island has to offer. While some spots in the island are famous for their parties, there are other places that I loved too. One of the best days ever will be the one that we got to rent a boat for me and my friend and we went with our hot young spanish skipper to Formenterra, a smaller island close to Ibiza. We rented it through the hotel concierge and they also helped us with a reservation at Juan y Andrea restaurant. It was the first time I was at a place like this where you can eat seafood, have your feet in the sand, looking at the amazing beach and the boats in the water looking like they are floating on top, enjoying nice music and a glass of sangria in my hand. The vibe of the place is what makes the experience, it's the perfect way I would expect my summer to be like. That's why I choose it for my vacation third year in a row. Looking forward to see the pictures? 
Now that's enough about what I like, your turn to tell me where you would like to go with me in the next vacation!:P


I'd take you to the Dominican Republic. The at any of the top resorts there and enjoy the beach with you day and night. So I'm ready to go when you are!!!
Of course you know where is the better place to be for future vacation, and I bought lots of biscuits! ;-) Big kisses my Alexsis, and enjoy your next trip to Ibiza

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