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Getting my first home

Posted by Alexsis Faye on 17/04/2018 in News

I have always been a girl who spends all on shoes and clothes and I was not very practical with the savings. I spent my days working at a jobs that didn't get me more than the minimum wage and I was not sure what I wanted to be when I grow up. Trying to be like someone else or pleasing the person next to me it was for sure not the way to go. But luckly I found something that I enjoy doing and it makes a good living out of it so it's hard to even call it "work".


Even so, I always dream of having my own place, my own corner of heaven where I can call "home". After years of searching for the perfect place and beeing dissapointed too many times I started wondering if I will ever find something suitable, but I got up and keept my eyes wide open and didn't stop searching.  But in the end I did it! It is time to finish with the rent filling up my landlords bank account, a bathroom like I exactly planned, a place where I'm the Queen and I can paint the walls in bright pink if I want, with a vegetable garden outside and a black galaxy granit floor! My way!


Earlier this week the house became officially mine. I am a homeowner and I can't believe the nightmare will be over soon. My first home is going to be a huge project and I can't wait to share all the steps with you!



Alright I'm very proud of you!!! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and may you continue to receive such wonderful blessings. :)

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