First date with you

Posted by Alexsis Faye on 28/05/2017 in News

Dear John Doe,


I never could imagine how one simple date can change  all the course of events in a person’s life. I have met fascinating people before. I have been captivated by their magnetic personality. But I never had someone who transformed me in a second from the women that  I spend decades constructing.

I was wondering if you had any idea that when I left our table and went to the ladies room I was expecting you to come after me  like a wild animal after his pray. I imagined I was trapped, I wanted that so bad. I went in the bathroom and was waiting like a stupid girl for you to come too. Did you know I was waiting for you? All night I see in your eyes that you wanted to touch me and strip me naked. And your lips were dying to kiss mine.

You wanted to be all gentle with me only because you knew how badly I wanted you to be rough. Very rough. I came back to our table and my heart was beating  incredibly fast. I Could not think at something else than feeling you inside me. But that was our first  date and couldn’t let myself do that… All night  you gently touch my knee under the table and looked at me like you would devour every inch of my body. You were all night a gentleman, spoiled me and careful to all details to make it a perfect first date. 

You were so charismatic and you fascinated me right away. After you took me home you give me a delicate kiss on the cheek… letting me desire for more.  All night long I could barely sleep, I can not take you out of my mind.  I was thinking at all the things that could have happened if I asked you to come in my house or what if we didn’t even get until home and we stoped the car and take me right there on the side road… I went straight  to my  bed  and started to touch myself with closed eyes and you in my mind…

So bad I wish you were next to me right now. It was not a surprise when I got my fingers in my panties, they were  compeltely soaked! They slide in right away… and even faster I made myself cum, dripping wet.


All men in your website dream to be John Doe... just for the privilege of giving you a delicate kiss on your cheek, and be in your mind!
Alexsis Faye
even you glenn?;)))

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