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A rewarding evening for a long hard days work

Posted by Alexsis Faye on 31/10/2017 in Story Time

I kiss you deeply and passionately with one hand on your upper back and the other on your lower back just above your butt. Our tongues play tag and chase each other around our mouths. I firmly caress your back and unhook your bra strap as it is time to slowly remove the clothing that conceals the sexy body. I tell you to close your eyes and think about my touch as I remove each article of clothing. Once I have all of your clothes on the floor and your beautiful naked body in front of me, I resume kissing and touching you.

I nibble on your earlobe, kiss and suck on your neck while running my fingers through your hair. I use my other hand to playful smack your ass every now and then and tell you that you have been a bad girl. Your eyes are still closed and I tell you to take long deep breaths. I move both of my hands to your breast and your nipples where I begin to kiss and massage. I take as much of your right breast into my mouth that it will allow and just wait as my warm breath blows over your nipples and skin.

I start to make circles around your nipple without actually touching it as to tease you. I finally I place my flat warm moist tongue on your nipple and let it sit soaking your nipple with my saliva. When it is moist enough I give it long licks like I’m licking an ice cream cone. I alternate ice cream licks up and down to fast licks slide to side. When my tongue gets tired I suck your nipple into my mouth and flick it with the tip of my tongue slowly increasing the speed of my licks. I smack and caress your ass to remind you that I have not forgotten about the rest of your body. I figure that your left must be jealous be now and wants some attention.

I take my mouth away from your right breast and begin moving my mouth towards your left breast when I suddenly shoot my head up to lock lips with yours and resume of game of tongue tag. My hands continue to give your breast the sensual massage they deserve. I decide that your left breast has waited long enough to be satisfied and give you one last kiss before whispering in your ear that "I love you and you are the sexy woman in the world". I kiss my way all the way down to your left breast. I give it a couple of playful "hello" kisses making sure to avoid the nipple as an attempt to continue the teasing of it. I get the vibe that you can not wait any longer to have it stimulated and I begin the same retune that I preformed on the right breast.

I slowly move you away from the wall and lay you on the bed being sure not to break contact with your left breast. I take my free hand on a wonderful "expedition" it starts in the long soft hair, works it's way down to caress her cheeks and to pause for a pit stop in her mouth to get moistened, where that moister streaks down her neck to her right nipple does some circles [I repeat the mouth to nipple cycle three more times before moving on with the trip], the next stop is just past the smoove flat stomach and through the pubic hairs.

At last it my hand reaches your vagina. It circles and caresses your lips giving them a massage. I move my mouth back to yours for passionate lip wrestling as I am massaging your vagina. After I have declared myself the winner of the match I move my mouth down to your neck and I my index finger begins to explore the inside of your vagina slowly. My finger moves in and out of your vagina slowly each time it enters it taps your G-spot or your vagina walls. I continue this until I want to taste your sweet juices. I whisper in your ear that I want to taste you.

I quickly move my head down to your vagina [with a long pit stop at your breast this time I put them together and alternate licks and nipples]. I passionately kiss and lick your vagina lips. Then I insert my tongue in between them and lick up and down slowly. I savor each and every lick [because I love your taste and smell]. I dart my tongue inside you to get move of you to taste. Once my tongue is inside it moves all around searching for more of your juices to taste. My hands are massaging the tops, sides, and bottoms of your breast with nipple play every now and then. I tell you to open your eyes and I stare in them while I am enjoying your taste to know when, where, and how to continue to stimulate you. I move to your clitoris which is steaming for attention.

I take it in my mouth and suck on it hard, then flick it with the tip of my tongue. I take one of my hands and insert my index finger into your vagina to stimulate your G-spot while I am pleasing your clitoris. I make circles around your clitoris with my tongue, then switch to slow up and down licks repeatedly. I continue until you place both hands on the side of my head and smash my face into your vagina, and begin to thrust your hips, I hear your breathing get short and heavy, and I watch as your eyes roll in the back of your head, and your thighs tighten around my head that's when I know that you have cum.



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